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Jane Henderson

I have always been fascinated by nature and by the patinated, textured surfaces that develop through weathering and the growth of mosses and lichens on stone and rock. This, combined with my love of plants and gardening, has led to my range of pebble planters.


Following a foundation course at West Surrey College of Art and Design, I studied fine art and ceramics at Syracuse University in America, before completing my degree in interior design at Kingston University.


My inspiration comes from my favourite places: the seashores of Orkney and Devon, where I am captivated by the way in which plants and flowers manage to flourish in amongst rocks and large pebbles. It is that interface between the permanence of curved, sea-worn stone, contrasted with the transience of fragile plants that I am exploring as I choose which plants to combine with each planter.


All my planters are made from grogged stoneware clay: hand built from coils, shaped and smoothed, then carved into to reveal the gritty nature of the clay. As the pots dry I work over the surface with a mixture of under glazes and engobes before biscuit firing. This is followed by the application of dry glazes and oxides before a final firing to 1260°C, at which point the clay vitrifies and becomes impervious, making it frost proof and durable, and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.


Each one unique like the pebbles on a beach.


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